Human rights assessments for EEA nationals

1. How many human rights assessments you have carried out to assess statutory support exclusions for EEA Nationals (non-British) in the period January 2015-present day in your authority area?

We have interpreted this question to refer to requests for a needs assessment or resources from service users who are subject to immigration control and have no recourse to public funds under Section 115 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and who fall within the restricted categories in Schedule 3 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 with regard to the Articles 3 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. If and when required we would refer to the NRPF Guidance online. 

We do not hold this information in relation to adult or childrens social care.

2. How many people were deemed to be eligible for local authority assistance after a completed Human Rights Assessment had been undertaken in the period January 2015- present day?

Please see the response to the previous question.

3. If a person requesting assistance is in an excluded group (i.e. EEA National), social services will undertake a human rights assessment and will firstly consider whether the person or family can freely return to their country of origin. Information on your policy of reconnecting EU Migrants – if so what is your policy and what is your process for reconnecting someone? For the purposes of this request, reconnection is defined as the process of supporting EU Citizens to return, in a planned way, to an area where they have family and social networks and/or where they can access accommodation.

Please see the response to Q1.

4. Information on the number of people who have been supported through a reconnection service to another part of the UK or to return to country of origin as well as information on the age, gender, nationality and marital status of those who have accessed a reconnection service. Are children included in the reconnection process? I request this information for period January 2015-present day in your authority area. This includes where the reconnection is done by agents or third party organisations.

Please see the response to Q1.

5. Information on what destinations within the EU you have reconnected people to, and the numbers to each destination January 2015- present day.

Please see the response to Q1.

6. Information on the source of funding for reconnecting/ supporting people to another part of the UK/ return to their country of origin January 2015-present day including whether central government money is used to pay for reconnection or it comes from local authority sources and an indicative (or if easier average) cost of each reconnection Jan 15- Present Day.

Please see the response to Q1.