HR software

What HR software system/s does the council currently use for following areas, please include Vendors name, Product name and version, include in-house / shared drives where applicable.

None of the systems mentioned below are in house.
Employee Records
Oracle version 12.1.3
Recruitment & On-boarding and Off-boarding
Recruitment – Recruit 5 by Abacus. On-boarding/ Off-boarding – Oracle version 12.1.3
Disciplinary & Grievance process
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sickness & Absence process
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Leave management
Paper based
Performance & Learning
Zipporah and Learning Pool Software are used for Training and Learning & Development.
Oracle version 12.1.
How many employee new starters are there per annum
How many employee leavers are there per annum
How many employee grievance processes are received per annum –
Corporate cases = 28
How many employee absence & sickness monitoring processes are started per annum
Case numbers include all Occupational Health Referrals as well as Absence Management Process cases – Corporate cases = 455
How many employee disciplinary procedures are started per annum Case numbers are for formal stages of the process which require HR advise
Corporate = 19
What is the current number of employees in the HR department of the Council
What is the current total number of employees in the Council?
There is a regularly updated HR dashboard on our public website which provides this and other information.