Houses of Multiple Occupancy

Does your authority have any jurisdiction regarding Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s) as defined by the Housing Act 2004?  

If the above answer is yes, then please proceed to question 2, if not then thank you for your time. 

Devon County Council is not responsible for Houses in Multiple Occupation and therefore does not hold the information requested.  This function is provided by District and Unitary Councils in Devon.  Please contact them directly using the information on the link provided. 

Has, or does, your authority charge for the provision of a licence?

If yes, then please can you proceed to question 3, if not, again, thank you for your assistance. 

Please provide a breakdown of the cost of the licence for every financial year since 2004. i.e.

2004/5 n/a

2005/6 n/a

2006/6 n/a

2007/8 £300 then £50 per additional room

2008/9 £300 then £50 per additional room

Etc up to and including 2018/19