Homelessness Data

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request information about the street outreach services that work with rough sleepers in your local authority.

There are five questions I would like answers to are:

1. Please provide the total spending for your local authority on rough sleeping outreach services since 2009-10 – this includes spending made for outreach services that are externally commissioned. Please include in total cost those outreach services that are not solely focused on rough sleepers but would work with them.
2. Since 2009-10, please state how many outreach workers you employed and how many were paid employees or volunteers? If your outreach services are commissioned externally please indicate how many posts are funded in the original service agreement you had with the service provider.
3. Since 2009-10, please provide the number of outreach workers you have who have specialist training e.g. mental health, drugs and alcohol, counselling? If your outreach team is commissioned externally please provide the number of staff members with specialist training that were originally funded in the service agreement/contract.
4. For the last financial year, please state total funding received for outreach services and the breakdown of funding amount according to its source.
5. For the last financial year 2016-17, please select what types of offers your rough sleeper outreach team were able to make to rough sleepers. If your rough sleeper outreach service is funded through Supporting People please indicate what offers your outreach service provided to rough sleepers.

Devon County Council is not responsible for homelessness provision and therefore does not hold the information requested. Homelessness is a district and unitary council responsibility, please contact District and Unitary Councils in Devon directly using the information on the contact details available below: