Homeless support contracts

1. Have any floating tenancy support services which can be accessed by people with a history of rough sleeping, been provided within your local area at any point between the financial years 2013/14 – 2017/18? Please specify the years in which services have been provided.

Please see the information below.

2. If such services have been provided over more than one financial year, has the value of the contracts for these services increased, decreased or maintained the same value since 2013/14? If a service has been decommissioned, please specify this below – including the year in which the service ended.

Please see the information below.

3. If the answer to question 1 was yes, then please provide the following details of these services:

• An itemised list of any services that provide floating tenancy support services which are available to people with a history of sleeping rough that you (or another agency) has funded or delivered in your local area between 2013/14 and 2017/18
• A brief description of the service, to include details about who the service is for and how many people benefit from this service annually
• Who the service is commissioned by
• The value of the contract in each specified financial year.

Devon County Council does commission some homelessness contracts. The value of these, the providers they purchase and the hours they purchase are as below.

Provider  Total £ 2013 – 2018  Area 
Westward 107,929.80 East
Alabare 103,460.04 North
YMCA 157,166.88 East
BCHA 262,544.76 East
Sanctuary SL 823,377.00 East, South, North


Community Hub Region  Hours available to commission 2013- 2018  
North 343 hours per week
East 1537 hours per week
South 174 hours per week

To provide additional advice and assistance we have also provided a summary of Homeless Prevention Activities provided by these commissioned services.