Historic flood risk assessments – River Axe

As part of a Flood Risk Assessment for the ongoing project, I have some questions that It would be useful to get your input on:
The site of interest between OS NGR SY 28787 97726 and SY 28454 97561 is located along the River Axe, which is designated as a main river and as such the flood risk management responsibilities and powers are held by the Environment Agency. Further and likely more informative information will be available from the EA.

* Does Devon County Council (DCC) hold any records on historic flood events along the River Axe or any other incidents related to flooding, whether fluvial or surface water/other source in nature?

According to our historic database, provided by the Environment Agency, we are aware of flooding incidents in this area on 09/01/1968, 10/07/1968, 10/12/1977, 21/1/1985, 26/12/1985 and 18/12/1992 when the river exceeded its banks, but do not hold any specific information for these dates. This list may not be exhaustive as all dates are prior to Devon County Council becoming the Lead Local Flood Authority in 2010. Since this date the notable flood event in this area was on 7th July 2012. Details of this event were reported in the published ‘Devon Summer Floods, July 2012’ Flood Investigation Report, available on our website at the following address: https://www.devon.gov.uk/floodriskmanagement/flood-investigations-reports-and-studies/
Further flood related information for this area can also be found in the November 2012 report found at the same link.

* Are the Council aware of any other schemes in the River Axe catchment that may be of relevance to this study/ assessment?

Devon County Council have delivered a £1.4m flood improvement scheme on the Millbrook tributary of the Axe, upstream of the site of interest. Details of this scheme can be found via the link below:


* Any other information the Council may hold that is relevant to considering the flood risk to/ from the River Axe and surrounding area.

DCC do not hold any other information relating to the flood risk from the River Axe. As it is a main river the Environment Agency may have further information for the site of interest between the grid references above. The Environment Agency’s Long Term Flood Risk Maps will provide some high level information at: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/long-term-flood-risk/map