Highways works, East Worlington

This is a request for information about a section of highway between Three Hammers Cross and the war memorial in the parish of East Worlington. This section was recently repaired and this request refers to that work.

In relation to the highway please answer the following questions and supply supporting evidence, information and documents;
1. Provide the road maintenance classification by reference to the DCC Highways Manual
2. Provide particulars of the construction of the road by reference to materials and methods used
3. Supply the maintenance records for the last five financial years and current year to date
4. Clearly explain the purpose and use of the highway including records of traffic surveys etc
5. Supply a large scale plan with dimensions showing the extent of the highway, carriageway and foot-ways
6. A large scale plan showing the extent of the recent repairs
7. A copy of any and every survey, report or other documents which led to the decision to resurface the highway together with a clear summary explaining the reason for the work or otherwise justifying it
8. Images of defects mentioned in any reports or surveys
9. Images of the defects before and after repair
10. Supply particulars restrictions affecting the highways such as parking, types of vehicle etc.
11. The cost of the works including VAT


Please see the response available via the link below: