Highways training

Can you please advise me what training levels supervisors and operatives involved in the maintenance, installation and repair of street lights in Devon should achieve, are they contractually required to hold a current Street Works Qualification registration obtained through an approved training centre?

Devon County Council (“DCC”) street lighting engineers are not required to hold Street Works accreditations. DCC have a contract with an accredited company to manage the Street lights owned and managed by DCC and they have qualified staff. Our contractor is contractually responsible for the H&S of their staff and the public and liaise with our highways team when working on the highway. Street works qualifications and all other required statutory requirements for working on Street Lights is managed and maintained by our appointed Street Lighting maintenance contractor with the current contract in place for 2013 to 2021.

If a member of the public was to question an operative on site working on a street light, is the operative required to show any form of certificate to prove their competence is working safely on the highway in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual or the Safety at Street Works and Road Works code of practice?

Our installation and maintenance staff would be cooperative and should provide identification on request. A request for more detailed information should be directed to Devon County Council Street lighting team.