Highways maintenance and claims information

Please provide the following under FOI:

The Inspection and repair records for 2016 and 2017 for Pothole number W17971325

The DCC Pothole Inspection policy and instructions for those inspecting potholes.

The relevant, non-commercial, extract from the agreement with DCC claims handling agents, Gallagher Bassett, which relates to the process which GB undertake on receipt of a pothole damage claim; sufficiently specific that I can understand whether GB are paid to review claims documentation in their entirety when first submitted.

The number of pothole claims in the period Quarter 4 of 2016 and Quarter 1 of 2017

The number of pothole claims in the same period as above that were denied due to the incident date being within 28 day repair period that GB have advised me is the DCC “standard”.

Documents/records/minutes that source the 28 day “standard” – in other words where did this come from and what alternatives were discussed?

Were there comparison with other Council “standards”?

Are there any documents/records/minutes that link the 28 day period to cost-saving measures – in other words was the 28 day standard selected specifically in order to reduce DCC liability. 


The response to all of these questions is available via the link below: