Highways Maintainable at Public Expense – Lime Grove, Bideford

“I believe that land fronting properties at 106, 108, 110 and 112 Lime Grove, Bideford, EX39 and contained within the title deeds of these properties has been incorrectly adopted as a highway.

I seek evidence from the Highways Department that due diligence was followed in making the adoption. I wish for the following information to be clarified from your archive records:

1. The date the land in question was adopted.

2. Which particular section of the Highways Act was used in making the adoption.

3. What efforts were made by the then Bideford Borough Council, to establish who held title over the land in question.

4. What notices or communications exist between the Council and the freeholders, and, in particular the freeholders offering the land to be adopted as a highway as no variation of title exists within any of the title documents for these properties.”

Devon County Council (DCC) became responsible for Lime Grove following local government reorganisation in 1974. Prior to that date Bideford Borough Council held the responsibility for Highways Maintainable at Public Expense (HMPE) in their area.

When the responsibility for highways was transferred to Devon, Bideford Borough Council transferred its paper records showing HMPE to DCC. It is these records which form the basis of the County’s records.  The HMPE map for Lime Grove received from Bideford Borough Council, is provided, which shows that when the responsibility for roads was passed to Devon County Council in 1974, Lime Grove was already Highway Maintainable at Public Expense.

We can confirm that this is all the information held by Devon County Council in this regard.

To provide advice and assistance, for information prior to 1974, when responsibility for HMPE and Lime Grove fell under Bideford Borough Council, we recommend that you contact the following organisations directly using the information on the links provided:-

South West Heritage Centre – North Devon Records Office

Bideford Town Council

North Devon Council