Highways budget

The total Devon County Council Highways budget for 2015/16; 2016/2017; 2017/2018

Total Highways Budget

YearTotal revenue budgetTotal Capital Budget

How much of those budgets have been spent of road safety such as revising speed limits, engineering works for crossings, Islands, gates, improved signage, deployment of speed cameras and so on

2015/16 (spend)Speed Management£60,000£64,383
2016/17 (spend)Speed Management£60,000£49,841
2017/18 (to date)Speed management / review£60,000£11,849
2017/18 (to date)Safety Camera Partnership£10,0000
2017/18 (to date)Road Safety Improvements – Reactive£50,0000

In the interests of providing advice and assistance the Council’s expenditure over £500 and the Budget Book is publicly available on the website.