Highway Traffic monitoring data for Pinhoe, Exeter

Supply Devon County Council data collected for measurement of traffic at key points in Pinhoe, as supplied to developers for traffic monitoring.  

The attached plan shows the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT*) values where we know or have estimated the AADT’s in the Pinhoe area and takes account of any development at that time.

Developers arrange their own traffic counts and include it in their planning submissions, those for Pinhoe can be viewed on the Exeter City Council’s planning webpages.

*The ADDT is effectively the sum of the total traffic flow for a whole year divided by 365, to produce a daily average for that year, therefore the attached plan shows the base year, in brackets, alongside each AADT value and this is the latest information currently available.

We are collecting information for the Pinhoe Neighbourhood Forum report on traffic in our area and would also be grateful for DCC guidance on best practice for the presentation of data recorded by our community consultation. 

Devon County Council does not produce guidance on best practice for the presentation of data recorded, therefore this information is not held.