Highway survey

I was also pleased to hear that you surveyed the road from Caute to Rowden on 4 April. There are no spray markings to help us identify what you determined in need of repair. Therefore I would ask that as a Request under the Freedom of Information Act you provide the following information:



Request under Freedom of Information Act


Who carried out the survey and their qualifications and the type of survey, including the method used to identify defects (how were they measured?)


Steve Brockman, Neighbourhood Highway Officer, 30 years’ experience in Highway Maintenance, trained in DCC’s current safety Inspection policy. Defects are identified visually.


The definition of what is determined as a defect under the type of survey undertaken.


A pothole in the carriageway that is of repairable size under our policy would have to be; a vertical edged depression 40mm deep and 300mm in any horizontal direction.


Provide full details of the survey undertaken on 4 April 2017, including all information passed to the contractor in order for repairs to be undertaken. This information should be sufficient to be able to identify each and every defect to be repaired (I assume the contractor will need this information in order to carry out the work)


The results of the survey were that 5 potholes that the officer deemed to meet the intervention levels were input into our online system at the locations in the road that they were present at. This is standard practice for both officers and members of the public when reporting safety defects and gives sufficient information to the contractor to instigate a repair.