Highway Maintenance Inspection Policy

1. Please send an electronic copy or link to a published source of your authority’s most recent highways maintenance inspection policy which covers, for all road, footway and cycleway hierarchies:
– inspection regimes; 
– intervention thresholds and associated response times to rectify defects;

This information is available in our Highway Service Policy which can be viewed online via the link below:


– winter maintenance policies

This information is available in our Winter service policy which can be viewed online via the link below:



2. If that policy was published after 28/10/2016 could you also provide:
(a) the previous equivalent policy.

The Highway Safety Policy was implemented on 5th September 2016. The Winter service plan is published each year but current policy was issued in 2011.

(b) Any report to councillors proposing and explaining the changes from the previous version to the current version.

Following on from our response above, we do not hold this information.