Highway defect categories – Oaklands Drive, Dawlish

Can you please detail what exactly all the Defect Categories are, with a complete specification of criteria for each and every that exist?

Highway defect categories are detailed in our published Highways Safety Inspection Manual 

Defect reports for Oaklands Drive can be viewed by the link below.

Oaklands Drive, Dawlish, defect categories

Also, details of the actual repairs carried out, by whom and the report of the inspector, who signed off the repairs.

We hold this information but as there are over 200 defects logged on the above report and we estimate it would take 6 – 7 minutes to manually examine two systems for each one to identify, locate and extract the information, the total time needed would be in excess of the 18 hours allowed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 12 – Cost of Compliance.

Can you also provide figures for the last five years, of exactly how much money has been spent by DCC Highways on the maintenance of the pavements on the Oakland estate.

We do not hold any information about spending on footway maintenance on the Oaklands estate in the last five years.

Spending on reactive safety repairs was approximately £1,361.05 since September 2014.

2014 = £35.39

2015 = £601.63

2016 = £212.34

2017 = None

2018 = £511.69

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