Higher Woodway Road, Holcombe Down, Devon

Please provide the following information:

1. Date when pothole reference W201380270 was first recorded on the Devon County Council ‘report-a-problem’ pothole web portal; 

26 December 2020

2. Number of people registering their names against pothole reference W201380270 prior to 4th January 2021;


3. Number of claims for financial compensation made to Devon County Council against pothole reference W201380270;


4. Number and aggregate amount of compensation paid to settle claims under pothole reference W201380270;


5. Total number of claims for compensation for damage to vehicles by road users in Devon during the last three years; (2018 – date)

3,949, including 238 waiting to be processed

6. Amount paid by Devon County Council in the last three years in respect of settling claims for compensation of damage caused by or attributable to potholes; –


7. A copy of the pothole inspection reports detailing potholes on the Higher Woodway Road, Holcombe Down, Devon dated on or around 20th April 2020 and 4th January 2021; –

This information is available via the link below:

Inspection reports