High Speed Broadband Meeting on 09 October 2018

In the announcement concerning delays to the roll out of  High Speed Broadband  I have noted the following  statement on the under Questions and Answers section

Why have we not been told about the delay sooner? 
  1. The gravity of the situation was explained for the first time during our CDS Board meeting in September where the new owners of Gigaclear and management team attended. We have been working on a resolution position since this time. This work has culminated in the announcement made today 

I hereby request and require you to provide to me the following information in respect of the above-mentioned Board Meeting (the Meeting) of CDS 

The Agenda for the Meeting 

There was no agenda for the pre-meeting, but the agenda for the main Programme Board meeting is published on the Connecting Devon and Somerset website

The date of the Meeting  

The meeting was arranged as a pre-meeting to the CDS Programme Board and took place on 13 September 2018 at 12pm. 

The place and address where the Meeting was held 

The address where the meeting took place was the Committee Suite, County Hall, Exeter. 

The names of the persons who attended the Meeting together with their job titles and names of their employers.



Andy Wells, CDS Delivery Director

Jo Scarrott, CDS Programme Director

Joe Frost, Business Development Director Infracapital

Andy Matthews and Stephen Nelson, CDS Programme Board

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive Devon County Council

John Wilkinson, Divisional Director Community Regeneration, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Simon Gregory, Projects and Programmes Manager, North Somerset Council Councillor Tom McKillen, Mendip District Council

Councillor Philip Bullivant, Teignbridge District Council

Councillor Rufus Gilbert, Cabinet Member for Economy, Enterprise and Skills, Devon County Council

CDS Team, Keri Denton, Programme Director, Devon County Council,

Katriona Lovelock, Programme Manager, Somerset County Council

Phil Roberts, Programme Manager

Peter Doyle, Head of External Affairs, Devon County Council

Matt Barrow, Community Liaison Officer, Devon County Council.