High rise tower blocks management

1.Does the council own, manage, or run through a third party / arms length organisation, any residential high-rise tower blocks (in this case, defined as those that are 30 metres or higher)?

2. Please specify for each tower block as defined in question 1:
a. The name of the block
b. The location of the block (address)
c. The height of the block in metres
d. The height of the block in storeys
e. The date the block was built
f. Whether there are sprinklers (for fire safety) in each of the flats within the block (yes or no)
g. Whether these sprinklers were installed retrospectively
h. The date the sprinklers were installed retrospectively (month and year)
i. The cost of the project of retrofitting sprinklers for the block
j. The purpose the block is used for and if that purpose has changed at any point since it was built
k. Whether the block is used to house a specific demographic eg elderly people, people with special needs, and please specify demographic.

Devon County Council does not own, manage, or run through third parties any residential high rise tower blocks therefore we do not hold this information. Please contact District and Unitary councils in Devon using the information on the link provided.