Health Visitor Employment

1. On 1st February 2019 who provided/employed the health visitors commissioned by your local authority?
Virgin Care Ltd

2. On 1st February 2019 how many whole time equivalent health visitors were employed by that organisation?
62.4 whole time equivalent, not including Team Leaders (11.3 whole time equivalent) and Managers (4.0 whole time equivalent) – data as as 31.01.19

3. On 1st February 2019, how many children under-5 years of age are there in your local authority area?
37,700 (2017 mid-year estimate)

4. Are there any plans to review/change who provides health visitors in your local authority area? If there are, what timeline is being used to make these decisions?
Devon County Council decided in February 2018 to bring its health visiting and school nursing services in-house to be managed by Devon County Council Children’s Services; this will take effect from 1st April 2019.

5. Who is the responsible manager for the health visiting service. Please also provide their email address.
Kate Stephens (

– For your answers, please either use the NHS Digital definition of health visitor or alternatively provide the definition that you are using in your answer.
– If you are unable to provide data for 1st February 2019, please provide it for the nearest available date and advise what this date is.