Hardscape Products Limited

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information regarding any business your organisation has awarded to Hardscape Products Limited www.hardscape.co.uk Company Number 02986234

– Contract Amount / Spend

– Details of the contract requirement

– Name, title and email address of the person who awarded the contract


We can confirm that in respect of all of the contracts the requirement was the supply and delivery of paving materials.


The person who awarded the contract would in each individual case have been the Devon County Council project officer for the scheme in question. Over the years this has changed and people have retired or have left Devon County Council and are no longer available.


We can confirm that orders are generally raised by the Senior Engineer and authorised by Principal Engineer Highways for order value up to £75,000. For orders greater than £75,000 they are raised by the Senior Engineer and authorised by Chief Engineer Highways.


With respect to the contract amount/ spend, please refer to the table below:


Financial year Scheme Order value (net) Actual spend to date(net)
2017/18 Blackhorse link south £45,086.68
2016/17 Blundells Road, Tiverton £75,806.00 £37,334.33
2013/14/15 Exeter Library £32,118.00 £32,155.18
2012/13/14 The Strand, Dawlish £170,483.84 £179,229.30
2011/12 Northernhay Gardens, Exeter £18,362.31 £18,378.84
2011/12 Gandy Street, Exeter £9,062.67 £9,062.67
2010/11 The Strand, Exmouth £127,997.92 £127,258.66
2008/09 County Hall car park £7,100.00 £6,623.27
2008/09 Paris Street / Sidwell Street, Exeter £1,587.53 £1,587.53
2008/09 Heavitree, Exeter £49,934.50 £53,551.42
2007/08 Exeter, Lower High Street £22,356.00 £8,041.42