Halal Meat in Schools

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Date of Request: 27 May 2014

Date of Disclosure: 28 May 2014

Please find Devon County Council’s response to the questions below;

  1. Please provide details of schools in your authority area which serve Halal meat to pupils – and please also provide details of whether parents of pupils in those respective schools have been informed of this fact”
  2. Please also provide a breakdown of the name of school, how long it has served Halal meat, and number of pupils in each school.

Devon County Council does not routinely collate this information from schools, and as such, we consider that on the balance of probability this information is not held.

In the interest of providing you with advice and assistance, please note that individual schools may be able to provide you with the information requested. Contact details for each of Devon’s schools, is available via the link below: