Green energy and carbon footprints

1) Where do you buy your energy? Is it a green energy tariff?

Devon County Council purchases energy through a public buying group called Laser Energy Group which is part of Kent County Council. We are not on a green energy tariff.

2) What is the carbon footprint of DCC per annum? What steps are you taking to reduce it?

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between central government and the Local Government Association on the sharing of information about greenhouse gas emissions, Devon County Council produces and submits an annual report on these emissions from the council’s own estates and operations.  The latest such report, covering 2015/16 financial year, is available from our web site via this link:

Greenhouse Gas Report

Action to reduce Devon County Council’s energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions forms part of this authority’s Environmental Policy and the related environment performance programme.  This includes a policy commitment to reduce energy consumption from corporate buildings, street lighting and transport by at least 2% per annum to achieve a 30% reduction from 2012/13 levels by 2030, together with providing 30% of remaining energy consumption from renewable sources by the same date.  The total package will reduce carbon emissions by about 50%.  The relevant document setting out the detail is available from our web site via this link:

Energy Policy Strategy and Action Plan

Further information relating to the energy and transport aspects of our Environmental Policy is provided through our annual Environmental Performance Statement, the latest version of which, covering the 2015/16 financial year, is available from our web site via this link:

Environmental Performance Statement

3) How many of your buildings are energy self sufficient?

Devon County Council does not currently have any fully energy self-sufficient buildings. However, we have reduced the authority’s energy consumption by over 40% since 2012-13.

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