Greater Exeter Strategic Plan – Crediton South

I would like all details  relating to the land that has been included in the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan for Crediton South going back as far as 1st January 2008. The properties included in this are The former scrap yard which was then KJM motors and which has been recently purchased by The Council, Henley House, Lower Park Farm and its land, Great Parks Farm (now known as Higher Park Farm) and all the land owned by the council which surrounds these properties. This includes the Lane (sometimes known as Hunivers Lane) and the land to the side of it which runs from the Crediton level crossing up to, and beyond, Lower Park Farm and which serves Henley House and Higher Park Farm (formerly Great Parks Farm).

A substantial volume of information relating to the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan and consultations which will begin is available online at: GESP

The draft policy and site options document includes the Crediton land as a potential site option. We can confirm that this is not agreed for consultation yet; it is going through the various district council committees seeking approval to consult. It is not going through Devon County Council Committee as we are not the relevant Planning Authority.  It may therefore be the case that Mid Devon District Council will hold further information on this.  Contact details for them can be found on their website at: Mid Devon