Road inspections and maintenance – Gould Road, Barnstaple

I formally request all information held in regards to highway maintenance on Gould Road, Barnstaple with the post code EX32 8EY as well as neighbouring roads in the area.

Records of inspections of Gould Road, including all defect and subsequent action are available via the link below:

Inspection reports

This is to include the contracts held on the regular cleaning of gullies (roadside drainage systems) and the information held over the last 5 years if how often it was completed and how often it is contracted to be done.

We can confirm that gully cleaning is part of our Term Maintenance Contract with Skanska,

The frequency of cleaning in the contract is as follows:.

We will:
• empty urban gullies with sumps at least once every three years
• empty rural gullies with sumps at least once a year
• flush gullies without sumps once a year
• respond to reports of blocked drains which are causing standing water

Further details are available on our website at: Devon highways: drainage

Please also find below the list of roads in question with frequency, dates of clean and next date due for triannual cleans. There are some multiple visits which are due to parked vehicles so needed to return to clean.

Gould Road- Annual 16/7/15, 29/6/18, 30/8/18, 16/5/19, 13/3/20, 27/8/20
Gould Close- 6 monthly 16/7/2015, 29/9/17, 21/3/18, 7/9/18, 11/9/18, 4/2/19, 14/11/19, 19/3/19, 12/9/19, 12/3/20, 27/8/20, 2/10/20
Brewer Road- Triannual 16/7/2015, 29/6/18, due 2021/22
Wilkey Close- Triannual 16/7/15, 29/7/18, due 2021/22
Greenbank Rd- Annual 16/7/15, 29/6/18, 16/5/19, 12/8/20

Acorn Grove, Lilac Way and Maple Street have not been adopted yet.

There is a small gap in the cleaning records when the contract changed in 2017

I would also like information on how many complaints of blocked drains and standing water in the Barnstaple area were reported in the previous 5 years and the outcome and time scale of these reports to be satisfied highlighting the Gould Road area, but not limited too.

For the purposes of responding to your request, we have defined the “Barnstaple are” as being 2km from the town centre.

A schedule of the complaints and the outcome is attached.

Drainage complaints