GIS mapping software

Can you please disclose information regarding the council’s use of any GIS software? This includes any software the council uses that allows for the distribution and/or use of GIS/Map data over an intranet or the internet for use and consumption by staff and/or the public. Specifically, can you disclose:

1. The name & provider of any GIS software

Software: ArcGIS, Provider: ESRI(UK) Limited,

Software: MapInfo Desktop, Provider: Pitney Bowes
Software: MasterGov, Provider: DEF
Software: HBSMR, Provider Exegesis
Software: Iways, Provider: WDM
Software: AccMap/ParkMap, Provider: Buchanan

2. The name & provider of any Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) software

Devon County Council does not hold the responsibility for street naming and numbering.   This is the responsibility of district, city and unitary councils and we would therefore recommend that you contact these authorities, depending on the geographical area that you are interested in.  Contact details can be found on our website at:

3. The name & provider of any Gazetteer Management (LLPG and/or LSG) software

Software: I-WAYS, Provider: WDM

4. The number & types of license held for each of the above

ESRI (UK): Cloud licence, Site licence for web apps/development, concurrent desktop licences
WDM: A single managed service licence for an ‘all in one’ highways management solution – not licenced per user.
Pitney Bowes: 23
Exegesis: 11
DEF: 15
Acc Map: Buchanan: 5
ParkMap: Buchanan: 20

5. The price of the above licenses held (if applicable)

ESRI (UK): The total 2019 spend: £66,220.52
WDM: £1.2million contract cost
Pitney Bowes: £5,584
Exegesis: £10,215.70
DEF: £36,161.19
AccMap: Buchanan: £2,847.15
ParkMap, Provider: Buchanan: £11,471.00

6. The renewal date or contract length of the licenses held

ESRI (UK): Esri Maintenance renewed in March
WDM: 5 years with a 2 years extension period
Pitney Bowes: Maintenance renewed in June
Exegesis: Maintenance renewed in March
DEF: There is no renewal date, these costs cover maintenance charges
AccMap: Buchanan: Maintenance renewed annually in July
ParkMap: Buchanan: Maintenance renewed annually in September

Can you also please disclose the number of any specific GIS staff within the council and their job titles?

There are no specific GIS staff within the council, therefore we do not hold this information