Gender neutral toilet facilities

1) How many council run premises in your area, currently have exclusively gender neutral toilet facilities?
2) How many council headquarters (town halls etc) and libraries in your area, have exclusively gender neutral toilet facilities?
3) Could you name any arts buildings (gallery’s, theatres etc) under your control, which have exclusively gender neutral toilet facilities?

For further clarification, I am referring to locations where there are not two separate toilets for males and females. Instead, locations where there is just one single toilet facility, which is gender neutral. Furthermore, can you please provide the answer to q1 and q2 as a number, as well as a percentage of the total number of premises under your control.


Devon County Council does not maintain a central record of this information relating to council owned properties.   We can confirm that there are 240 properties under the control of the Devon County Council and to answer your question would require a review of each building.  This would take, on average, approximately 1 hour per building and the entire exercise would take 24o hours to complete.  This is in excess of the appropriate limit of 18 hours and this information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.