Game Farms in Devon

How many game farms are located in your area?

Devon County Council do not hold comprehensive records of game farms. We have three premises on our database which indicate they are game farms but this figure is expected to be incorrect.

How many of them use raised laying cages for breeding birds? 

Devon County Council do not have comprehensive records of this.  The one site inspected this year did not have raised laying cages.

How many have been inspected by Trading Standards in the past 12 months? 


How were they chosen for inspection?

Devon County Council inspect traders as a result of risk assessment or intelligence led work. The inspection conducted was as a result of a risk assessed programme of work relating to the hygiene of animal feed storage and production.

How many prosecutions have been brought against game farms in the last five years (with annual breakdown)?

None in any year

These answers relate to the Devon County Council Trading Standards Service area to May 2013, the Devon and Somerset Trading Standards Service area from May 2013 to May 2017 and to the Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service area from then to date.