Funding provision for women’s refuges

We have an information request -see below –

1) The level of funding by the authority for the provision of women’s refuges within it’s jurisdiction in the following financial years:


For the years 2010 -2013, Devon County Council do not hold this information.


At this time, Devon County Council engaged in a recommissioning process which moved away from a refuge model to one which supported ‘victims’ wherever was most appropriate for them to live. The budget for this support is integral to the specialist DVA provider and we are not able to separate out a specific housing and support component. We therefore do not hold any separate information after this date.


2) The number of women’s refuges within the authority’s jurisdiction in the following financial years:

2010/2011:    2
2011/2012:    2
2012/2013:   2
2013/2014:   2
2014/2015:   1
2015/2016:   1
2016/2017 :   1
2017/2018:    1