Fostering service and capacity

a. Total number of Exemptions (Children Act 1989) in place today


b. Total Temporary Changes of Approval (Care Planning Regulations 2010) in year 2016 – 2017


c. Total number of carer households as of today:
i. Connected Carers (family and friends)

Eighteen (18)

ii. Mainstream in-house

Two hundred and seventy six (276)

d. Total number of annual reviews completed in year 2016/17

One hundred and sixty two (162)

Please note : this is the recorded figure – the actual number may be higher.

e. Total number of annual reviews overdue as of today

One hundred (100) as of 04/09/2017.

Please note : this is the recorded figure – the actual number may be higher.

Connected Persons work
a. Number of Viability Assessments undertaken in the year 2016/17

Between October 2016 and March 2017 there were one hundred and eighty nine (189).

For the period March 2016 – October 2016 viability assessments were conducted on word documents by social workers and assuming the level was approximately the same and each one took only ten minutes the time taken to identify, locate and collate the information required would exceed the eighteen hours specified by Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Cost of Compliance

b. Number of Temporary Approvals granted by ADM in the year 2016/17

Forty four (44)

c. Number of full approvals at panel in the year 2016/17

Eleven (11)

a. Number of children currently placed with:
i. Connected carers

Thirty five (35)

ii. Independent foster carers

One hundred and seventy five (175)

iii. Mainstream in-house carers

Three hundred and twenty three (323)

b. Number of children matched permanently or long term with:
i. Independent foster carers
ii. Mainstream in-house carers

We do not hold this information.