Foster carer payments

Please can you tell me whether foster carers are given extra money for the items/occasions below on top of their regular allowance or whether these things have to be paid for out of their regular allowance. Can you tell me the situation this year and on each of the last five years.
If extra payments are given, please also tell me how much is paid for these items? If the amount varies, please let me know what the minimum and maximum payment is for each of the items.
On mileage. As well as the payment per mile please also tell me if carers can claim all mileage. If not please tell me the number of miles a foster carer has to drive before they can claim mileage if such an arrangement is in place. Please also tell me what type of journeys carers can claim for ie travel without the child to training; travel without the child to meetings; travel to contact meetings with birth parents; travel with the child to meetings with social services etc)


1) New placement costs (ie to buy clothes, bedding etc for the arrival of a child)
2) Birthdays
3) Christmas or other religious holidays.
4) School uniforms
5) Payment for school trips
6) Savings for children
7) Mileage

The response from Devon County Council is available below: