Foster Care Number and Costing

NCan you provide information of the number of looked after children by age group and by which tier of in-house / internal foster carer they are placed with, (e.g. Age 0-4 with Tier 1 carer = 40 children; Age 5-10 with Tier 1 = 10 children; Age 11-15 with Tier 1 carer = 25; Age 16+ with Tier 1 carer = 5 / Age 0-4 with Tier 2 carer = 5 children, etc)?

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Boarding Out ratesBespoke
Aged 0-422371580
Aged 5-103054***
Aged 11-152058400*
Aged 16+1238330*

* Devon County Council does hold this information but as disclosure may identify individuals it may breach the first principle of the Data Protection Act 2018 therefore; this information is exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 40 (2) Personal Data

Can you advise on the numbers of children looked after by carer, (e.g. 250 carers have 1 child, 25 carers have 2 children, etc)? 

Number of children PlacedNumber of in-house fostering households

Can you please advise the number of looked after children, by age group, who are being currently looked after by Independent Fostering Agencies (external fostering)?

Age BandNumber of children
Aged 0-413
Aged 5-1049
Aged 11-1572
Aged 16+24
Grand Total158

Can you advise the total cost / spend involved in hosting the gala dinner for the fostering service?


Can you advise on the total cost of hosting the pantomime event for the fostering service? 


Can you advise on the total cost of hosting the Looked after Children awards event for the fostering service?

The total cost for hosting the event was nil as the Fostering Service made no financial contribution