Food Allergy and Intolerance Enforcement

1. Please provide the number of formal enforcement actions taken (ranging from written warnings to prosecutions) relating to food allergy/intolerance. Please include total figures and figures for each local authority for the years:

(a) 2018 to date –    0

(b) 2017                     0

(c) 2016                     0

(d) 2015                     0

(e) 2014                     0

(f)  2013                     0

(g) 2007                     Information not held.

Please note that the above figures relate to prosecutions, simple cautions, service warning letters and Food Improvement Notices relating to food allergy or intolerance issues.

2. Full details of breaches in food labelling for the years specified.

When dealing with complaints, or visiting food businesses, our officers will identify non compliance with food labelling law and provide written advice both on breaches and on areas of good practice.  Identifying these instances and retrieving this information will take over 18 hours of work, this is because the information is not held centrally but within individual files.  The Council has identified 7,000 possible records by running reports which would then need to be examined.  We estimate that it would take 5 minutes per record, which would take around 583 hours.  We therefore apply Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Cost of Compliance’.

3. Details of cases that lead to serious injury and/or deaths for the years specified.

None known.

4. Number of prosecutions and written warnings for the years specified.

We assume that this question relates to prosecutions and other formal actions taken relating to food allergy matters. We would, therefore, refer you to our response to question 1 (above).