Flooding and spending on flooding

This request concerns flooding and spending on flooding.

1. How many floods have been reported?

i) 2014/15 – 7 incidents
ii) 2015/16 – 17 incidents
iii) 2016/17 – 19 incidents
iv) 2017/18 to date – 13 incidents

2. How many individuals were affected by flooding? Any reported injuries/causalities?

i) 2014/15 – 104 properties
ii) 2015/16 – 73 properties
iii) 2016/17 – 106 properties
iv) 2017/18 to date – 31 properties

3. What was the value of the damages caused by flooding?

Devon County Council does not hold this information. Individual property owners and their own household insurers will hold this information.

4. How much money was your council granted in order to invest in flood defences? How much of this was spent?

All grants are subject to the approval of cost/beneficial bids being submitted to the Environment Agency for Defra Flood Defence Grant in Aid and Local Levy, therefore they are requested for specific schemes and 100% of the grant is spent towards delivery of the works

i) 2014/15 – £86,000
ii) 2015/16 – No grants requested
iii) 2016/17 – £236,000
iv) 2017/18 to date – £674,962

5. How much money was spent following floods (e.g. rescuing, evacuating, emergency housing, repairs)?

The Flood Risk Management team have not been involved in a major incident requiring a rescue and/or evacuation or to provide emergency housing for the periods requested.

Any repairs have been carried out locally by the relevant property/land owners and Devon County Council would therefore not hold any information about these repairs.