Flooding and manhole inspections – Roselands EX10

Regarding ENQ211422014 Under the ‘Freedom of Information Act’, I would like to know the following;

1. How many times have the council been contacted regarding this flooding in the last 5 years?

All customer enquiries regarding this road can be seen via the link below:

Roselands – customer enquiries

2. When was the last time this particular manhole next to 11 Roselands inspected?
3 When was the last time this manhole had any work carried out on it?

Urban gullies are cleansed triennially within our policy, the gully adjacent to 11 Roselands last being visited on the 5th November 2018 and recorded as clean and operational on leaving.

Additionally, the sewer system is combined and any manholes the responsibility of South West Water.