Fleet Vehicles Operated by Devon County Council

“Please provide the fleet list of vehicles operated by Devon County Council, to include:-

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Year of production/model year
  • Vehicle type/purpose (e.g. community transport, rubbish disposal, etc.)
  • Whether the vehicle is owned or leased
  • Year of purchase/lease agreement”

A current list of Vehicles operated by Devon County Council (DCC), including vehicle make and model is provided.

Year of production can be identified via the date of registration.

Small vans are operated by Highways and Parking Enforcement.

Cars and Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) are operated by Children’s Services for transportation of children.

Wheelchair Accessible Cars (WACs), buses (WABs) and Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) are operated on home to school transport for children with special needs, and are also used for adult Social Care.

DCC no longer supplies vehicles for Community Transport.

DCC does not operate rubbish/utility vehicles, as these are functions provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon.

All vehicles are owned by DCC apart from four electric vehicles which are leased. This lease was extended in 2018 for a further four years.