Fixed Penalty Notices for Schools

1. Does each school intend to issue a fixed penalty notice to pupils’ families for non-attendance in September 2020? – A yes/no answer broken down by the individual schools

Schools do not issue Penalty Notices; this is a function of the Local Authority.

Any school wishing to make a referral for legal proceedings in relation to non-school attendance will do so, and the Local Authority will then make a decision as to the required course of action by following the Devon County Council School Absence Penalty Notices Code of Conduct.

2. What is the school’s or local authority’s fixed penalty amount for non-attendance? – in GBP, broken down by the individual schools if applicable

The School Absence Penalty Notice is currently £120 per parent per child, but if paid within 21 days of the date on the Notice, this is reduced to £60 per parent per child.

3. Of the pupils eligible to return to school in June 2020, what percentage of pupils actually attended full time for the whole month of June 2020 – broken down by the individual schools.

We do not hold this information.  Schools provide us with daily returns on attendance for pupils in line with Government guidelines, and this data is held on our systems, but in order to extract a cohort of pupils who were eligible to return to school in June 2020, we would need a comprehensive list of key workers and vulnerable children, and this information is not held.

It is possible that individual schools may hold this information for their own pupils.  Contact details for Devon schools are available via the link provided.