Expert witness work and employees

1) Do any employees in your organisation carry out expert witness work? An expert witness is someone whose skill and/or expertise in an area is such that it qualifies them to provide expert opinion about it in legal proceedings and/or in court.


If so:

2) How many? (please confirm the total number)

Trading Standards – 17 Trading Standards Officers qualified Weights and Measures Inspectors

3) What area or professional discipline do they provide expert input on (e.g. Child Psychology)? 

Trading Standards, Weights and Measures Inspectors can occasionally be asked to include expert opinion evidence on the accuracy or operation of metrological equipment.

4) Please provide their names and contact details (email, telephone number) or, if you are unable to do this, please provide the name and contact details of a point of contact who can disseminate information relating to Expert Witness matters to them.

Trading Standards – Telephone 01392 381381 –¬†Email