Exeter High Street Defects

“I have a follow up request from previous request regarding Exeter High Street Safety Inspections concerning the defects dated 3 April 2018 under reference D183326402 and 25 June 2018, reference D183356793. 

 In respect of each item, I request:-

 a) The record of the first report of the defect/accident, including any associated documents.

First report of the defect / accidents 

b) Any further details provided as to the defect/accident, including any associated documents.

Further Details of the defect / accidents

The Council can confirm that the above documentation constitutes all the information held on these two defects.

c) All documents relating to the inspection and remedying of the defect, to include reports on the defect, instructions for any repair work and any reports, invoices or other documents received concerning the work and its completion.

All information held has already been provided to you within our previous response.  The defect report in April gave an unspecified location.

We do not hold detailed information relating to invoicing, as all defect repairs are paid under day works.  Each defect is not costed individually.

d) Noting that the item detail in each case is given as “trip”, whether there has been an associated claim for damages arising from the trip.  If so please provide all documents relating to the claim(s).”

The Council has not received any trip associated claims for the defects specified.