Environmental geographic data

Would it be possible for you to send me any GIS data you hold on the following:

Please see our responses linked to in the third column. This includes links to publicly available information published by third parties. Where we have linked to information owned and presented by us, shape files are included where available.

Information type Organisation Link
Conservation Areas District Councils District Councils 
Local Wildlife Sites Devon Biodiversity Record Centre Devon Biodiversity Records Centre 
Local Nature Reserves Natural England Local Nature Reserves
Landscape Character Areas Devon County Council (plus District Councils) Landscape Character Areas 
District Boundaries Ordnance Survey Local authority boundaries 
Public Rights of Way Devon County Council Public Rights of Way 
Tree Preservation Orders TPOs District Councils District Councils 
Area of Great Landscape Value (Teignbridge) Teignbridge District Council Teignbridge District Council 
Access Land and Dartmoor Commons
Devon County Council Access land and Dartmoor Commons