Social Workers Overseas Recruitment

How many qualified Social Workers have been recruited internationally for the children and adults services for substantive posts within the past 2 years?


How many of these were EU and how many were non EU recruits?

All 12 were non EU recruits.

What spend is allocated per year for international permanent recruitment for qualified social work?

There is no specific allocated budget for international recruitment.  The service’s staffing budget was used for the costs and included in the outturn forecast.

What recruitment agencies do you use for substantive recruitment of social workers?
The agencies used for some of the new starters between September 2016 and January 2018 were RT Tempest, 3D/Amicus and HCL.  Five of the overseas workers were engaged directly by the Council without the use of a recruitment agency.

Lastly what terms and introductory fees are agreed for the agencies you currently use?

The 12 workers recruited started employment between Sep 2016 and Jan 2018.  The fees for the new starters engaged via agency were on average 20% of first year’s salary.