Employee numbers, ICT, Finance and Estates


How many employees do you currently have working for you and are any of those employees remote (working from home or not based in the office)?

Devon County Council (DCC) currently has 4,227 corporate employees of which 29 have “home” noted as their work base.  DCC also records peripatetic working in this way.


Have you had any major organisational changes in the last 18 months? (New directors, CEO’s, change in ownership or turnover increases)?

DCC has appointed three Heads of Service in the last 18 months; two internal appointments and one external.

Please see the link here for turnover figures.


When was the last time you had an IT hardware update? (New computers, servers etc.)

DCC has just refreshed its desktop estate.  Servers are either virtual, physical on a case by case basis, or in the Cloud.


What software do you use for your accounting and budgeting?

Our main accounting system is Finest (v 5.01.22) supported by software AG.  Budget Prep and Monitoring uses Collaborative Planning, and ABS product.


How many purchase invoice transactions do you make on average per calendar year?

In 2016/17, DCC paid 461,000 AP Claims.  However, please note that not all of these would be purchase invoices, some would be for care agreements, grants etc.  DCC does not record the split between these, so an exact figure is not held.


Do you currently use a software based document management system or do you physically file?

Software based.


Is your IT outsourced, in house or Hosted?

In house


Do you manage or own housing stock? If yes, how many stock? If no, which ALMO or Housing Association manages them for you? –

No, DCC is not a Housing Authority, so does not manage housing stock.  This is a function of district / City Councils.  In the interests of providing advice and assistance, a link to contact details is provided here.


Do you have an internal DSO/DLO/Trading Organisation? If no, which contractor do you use?

DCC does not have an internal Labour force or Trading Organisation that deals with the maintenance and repairs of its buildings.  DCC also does not have a single retained contractor for its maintenance and repairs.  It has various contracting arrangements which are managed by a Joint Venture Company known as NPS South West.


Who Manages your public buildings and spaces?

NPS South West.


Who manages your highways department?

Meg Booth, Acting Chief Officer for Highways, Infrastructure Development & Waste.