Emergency Active Travel Fund and Transport Strategy

Request 1;

The Department for Transport COVID-19 Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 application pro forma accessible at https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/EmergencyActiveTravel_tranche2proforma/ includes 53 questions and invites submission of supporting documents such as maps.

Please provide all the information submitted by Devon County Council in response to these questions, as well as any associated documents submitted as part of the application or otherwise in its support.

I expect this to include, at minimum, the contents of all the application pro forma fields as well as maps and/or diagrams for each scheme included in the application, in an electronic format which aids effective search and retrieval of the information.

Please see the information available via the link below:

DCC response

Request 2;

Devon County Council conducted a consultation regarding the Exeter Transport Strategy at the beginning of 2019 which received more than 1100 public responses as well as responses from key stakeholders and organisations.

Meetings with a number of key stakeholders and groups representing business, transport operators, user groups and campaign groups were also conducted during and after the consultation period.

Please provide all the information and/or data gathered by Devon County Council as part of this consultation, as well as any associated documents or other representations submitted by consultees, including the above stakeholders and other groups.

Please provide this information in electronic formats which aid effective digital search and retrieval, preferably in spreadsheet format in such a way that multi-faceted interrogation of the data is facilitated. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss document formats for the information if appropriate, including to discuss which elements of any database schema may be included in the response, in particular if you would like to discuss ways of expediting the preparation of the information.

Responses to the consultation were made with an expectation of confidentiality and an extraction of 1,100 public responses, together with consultation with 1,100 members of the public to establish if they have no objection to their responses being disclosed would take, allowing for, say, 30 minutes per response, 600 hours.  This is in excess of the appropriate time limit of 18 hours and we are therefore not obliged to disclose this information, pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Request 3;

The updated Devon County Council Exeter Transport Strategy (June 2020) refers to an initial carbon assessment of the proposed measures in the Exeter Transport Strategy.

Please provide all the information and/or data used to complete this assessment, including quantifications and quantified throughputs and outputs derived as part of this assessment, and the pre-grouped measure-specific analysis that supported the summary conclusions published in the document.

The draft technical note setting out methodology and a summary of the results is available via the link below:

Carbon analysis