Electric Vehicles

Charging points for electric vehicles have become more widespread in Devon recently. I would like to request some information about them.

a) What is the total cost of investment into Devon County Council’s EV charging network since its creation?


• Roughly what percentage of a) was spent on
o EV chargers?
o Installation?
o Maintenance services?
o Management services?

Devon County Council do not hold this information as all of these services were incorporated into a single price.

b) How many charge public charge points are owned by Devon County Council?


c) How many charge public charge points does Devon have?

This information is not held by Devon County Council. You can find details of chargepoints on http://www.zap-map.com

d) How many additional electric vehicle charging points are scheduled or planned to be installed by the end of the calendar year 2024. 

None, but we can confirm that funding bids are in process which may facilitate this in the future.

e) How have you procured electric vehicle infrastructure in the past? *Tender or framework purchase*

Framework purchase