Electric vehicle charging points

Please advise what progress – if any – Devon County Council (DCC) has made in developing a program for the installation of electric vehicle charging points across Devon.

A post on 19 March 2018 indicates you hoped to ‘deploy a modest charging network . . . with the use of European funding.’ (The response can be seen via the link: https://www.devon.gov.uk/accesstoinformation/archives/information_request/electric-vehicle-charge-points)

Has this funding been forthcoming?

We can confirm the following:

• DCC has secured EU funding to support the deployment of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) chargepoints in at least 25 publicly-accessible car parks across the county. We are awaiting the funding agreement from UK government but expect the programme to start in October 2019 and deployment would start in late 2020.
• DCC has partnered in a project assessing the feasibility for on-street UELV chargepoints in Exeter and this was successful, identifying over 100 locations. The private sector partner has now applied for further government support for chargepoint deployment in the identified locations. We expect to hear if they have been successful by August 2020 and, if they have been, the project would start in September.
• DCC has secured and facilitated the use of Highways England funding to support the installation of ULEV chargepoints in four public car parks (Honiton, Chudleigh, Ashburton and Ivybridge) close to the main highway. Works should be starting onsite within the next few weeks.
• DCC is working with other local authorities in the south west to ensure the opportunities mentioned above has the biggest impact possible, particularly through the SW Energy Partnership between Devon County Council, Bristol City Council and Plymouth City Council.