Education Health Care Plans and missed education

Could you let me know how many children in Devon with EHCPs attend the Devon County Council state run special schools 


and how many attend all other schools apart from the state run special schools in Devon. 


Could you send me the figures of Children Missing Education as recorded weekly who have been out of school for 15 days or more, who are recorded as missing due to anxiety, could I have annual collated figures for 2017-2018, 2016-2017 and 2015-2016.  How many of these children were out of school for more than 3 months and 6 months? 

For clarity a child is recognised as a Child Missing Education (CME) when they are not on a school roll, other processes exist for children with low attendance but who are on a school roll. Therefore Devon County Council do not hold this information in the format requested,  however, during 2017-18 (1/09/17 – 29/08/18) there have, over the course of the year, been 576 young people who were recorded as children missing education (CME) for anything over one day. The case for the majority of these children (521) were closed after a short period of time as the period of CME had been due to changes such as a house move. In addition, 31 cases are currently inactive as Devon has a policy of not removing any child from our CME list until we have confirmation from another Local Authority that the child has arrived at school. For most of these 31 the destination was known, and we are awaiting this confirmation. The remaining pupils would have been active CME cases.

CME breakdown of gender and national curriculum year (NCY) 

11 F 14
11 M 14
10 F 32
10 M 32
9 F 35
9 M 37
8 F 23
8 M 32
7 F 24
7 M 16
6 F 15
6 M 17
5 F 18
5 M 26
4 F 17
4 M 24
3 F 13
3 M 31
2 F 22
2 M 18
1 F 21
1 M 26
0 F 28
0 M 41

Please could I have a copy of the research report that was carried out by LORG parent partnership earlier this year about EHCPs, this report was completed but was never published. I have proof this exists and require a copy of it. 

LORG (Local Offer Reference Group) Draft Annual Report