Education and Health Care Plans

How many requests for Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP) assessments have been made in 23/07/2018-23/07/2019?

1,515 requests

How many plans were created in this period ?


How many assessments were refused at initial request?

267 of the 1,515 requests

How many plans were released after the statutory 20 week deadline?


How much was spent on EHCP mediation during 23/07/2018-23/07/2019?

£47,850 (Global Mediation)

How many EHCP mediation sessions were completed?


How many applications for appeal to first tier tribunal regarding change to content
or name of provision in an EHCP were lodged during 23/07/2018-23/07/2019?


How many first tier tribunals went ahead?

All of the appeals referred to above are made to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, however this does not mean that they all reach the point of having a hearing.

How many were in favour of the LA?  

Appeals that include the content of an EHCP are not generally settled in “ favour of one party or the other”  Each point that is still in dispute is looked at separately.  We therefore do not hold this information.

What was the cost to the LA of processing the paperwork involved with, and attending tribunals during 23/07/2018-23/07/2019?