Eclipse system savings benchmarking

1.Please provide a copy of all committee papers which detail the business case for moving to OLM Eclipse

The business case was not approved by a council committee, therefore we do not hold this information.

2. In the minutes of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee 28th November 2017 the following statement is made: “Savings in Dictation Team time as Eclipse can be used with voice recognition software”. I trust that there was some analysis done to estimate the magnitude of the expected savings. Please provide a copy of any analysis undertaken into the savings anticipated from using the dictation capabilities in Eclipse

The estimated savings were £100k of Transcription staff salary costs. We do not hold any savings analysis information.

3. Has the Council undertaken any assessment of the dictation capabilities in Eclipse? If so, please provide a copy

Children’s Social Care Eclipse Implementation – Using voice recognition with Eclipse on DCC devices

4. I understand that this system will go live shortly. Please provide details of any planned cost benefit assessments / benchmarking activities. For example, have you benchmarked the time spent by practitioners using Carefirst, so that any changes achieved through using Eclipse can be quantified?

Baselining work has been done so that a cost/benefit analysis can be carried out once practitioners have had the opportunity to become fully acquainted with Eclipse.