Early years provider funding 2020

Is your local authority funding early years providers during the autumn term 2020 using “the numbers of children in places in the previous autumn to inform funding levels”, as suggested in the DfE guidance? 


From September, if providers have fewer children as a result of low demand from parents or for public health reasons, they can be funded as if the coronavirus pandemic were not happening. We will be comparing Autumn 2020 data to Autumn 2019 and where providers have seen a reduction in take-up a ‘top-up’ payment will be made. We will not be able to fund providers who are closed at the start of the Autumn Term where the closure is not for Public Health reasons.

If not, what alternative approach is being taken, and will this approach mean that local providers are still being funded “as if autumn term 2020 were happening normally”? 

Please see the response to the previous question