E-Learning Platform

Do you have an online learning platform?


Who provides it

Learning Pool

Cost per annum – if possible


Number of licences they pay for


Duration of contract


How many different learning topics do you have

We have over 400 courses covering over 14 distinct topics

What do you use it for i.e. mandatory training, personal development?

The e learning platform is used for induction, mandatory training and elective courses.

What topics do you cover?

Topic include, but are not limited to: adult safeguarding, children safeguarding, adult social care, children social care, highways, early years support, HR processes, leadership and management including change management and project management, health and safety, finance and procurement, information security, customer service, elected member training, compliance training

Does the learning provider who host it have a catalogue of resources that can be utilised?


Do you create their own content (in-house developers) if not who does?


Who can put content onto the platform (L&D or/and others)

Teams across the council can add content, including workforce development.

Do you curate content from other sources?


Does the system hold other resources quiz, documents etc.


Do they restrict access to certain courses/resources to specific audiences?


Is there a charging process in place for usage internal/external?


How many users access the site – demographic internal/external

Approximately 4,500 internal and 9,500 external

Are you able to report on users/completions/in progress etc.


Administration – are there admin processes


How do users get an account – self-registration/single sign on 

Self-registration and administrator account creation.

How accessible is the site and resources i.e. transcripts, captions, audio etc.

The site supports this functionality but administrators of the site do not always utilise it to its full potential

Does it integrate with any other systems?


Is it adaptive content for different devices, i.e. phones laptops etc


Does it run on Macs as well as Windows?


Does it have offline functionality (download, use offline i.e. on a train)


It is intuitive based on the learner – i.e. SW logs in sees appropriate content for job role i.e. Safeguarding etc.

It has that functionality but we have yet to utilise it.