Drumbridges roundabout travellers

Can you tell me how much longer the Travellers will be at the above site, as I was under the impression that ( according to yourselves ) this was to be temporary and that they would be moved on after December.

Devon County Council obtained a possession order at the County Court on 11th February and the Travellers have now left the site.

Can you also tell me what steps you are taking to facilitate their movement offsite and how you intend preventing such occurrences happening again, as you have already allowed to happen in the past.

Further to the successful court proceedings referred to above, Devon County Council are intending to install a lock box on the gate. We were concerned that this would not provide any extra security because any future incursions could just cut through the gate or its hinges, which would then be a weak point, so we have ordered new taller gates to combat this.